What is the maximum joining age?
You must be aged over 18 and under 60 to start the plan; under 55 years of age for lump sum cover.
How long can I be insured under the Loss of Licence Insurance?
From the policy renewal immediately following your 60th birthday, for lump sum cover you will only be covered if you lose your licence due to accidental bodily injury with cover ceasing on your 65th birthday. However, you will be given the option to transfer your lump sum cover to monthly benefits without new underwriting if you wish to maintain cover for illness, at the renewal immediately following your 60th birthday as long as your new monthly benefits do not exceed 1/60th of your lump sum cover held at that time, or £2,000, whichever is the lower.

For Monthly Benefit cover, cover will cease on your 65th birthday.

How long do I have to wait for payment of a claim?
There is a waiting period, which is the time between you having your licence suspended and the time we first pay your claim. For a lump sum loss, the waiting period is 30 days, although we may pay the claim earlier at our discretion.

The waiting period for monthly benefits depends on which option you choose when taking out the policy. The monthly benefits are then payable monthly in arrears.

How long can I benefit from the Temporary Monthly Benefit payments?
Up to 60 months, depending on which option you choose when taking out the policy.
How do I pay the premiums?
Premiums can be paid monthly or annually either by Direct Debit or by Debit or Credit Card.
How do I change my payment method?
You can change your payment method by logging in to your account via our website. Under the payment tab, the existing payment method can be deleted, and a new one can be registered.
What will the premiums be?

Your illustration will show you the premium you will need to pay for the first 12 months of the policy. The premium will increase annually in line with your age and may also increase or decrease due to an overall review of the scheme’s premiums.

Your premiums are based on several factors, which include:

  • The amount of cover you choose
  • Your age
  • The charges on the policy
  • The waiting period you choose on the monthly benefit
  • The premium may be increased due to certain health conditions

If you are not a BALPA member or another organisation recognised by FRS, your premiums will be increased by 10% over the standard premium rates.

I have a trainee pilot insurance policy, when will this cover convert to a standard policy?
Cover will convert immediately when you secure employment as a pilot with an airline.
What happens if I have completed my training but cannot get a job as a pilot with an airline?
Cover can be maintained as long as your licences are maintained but on a lump sum only basis. Monthly Benefits can be converted to a lump sum basis, and the Trainee Pilot Insurance endorsement will give the formula.
My employer provides me with Loss of Licence insurance cover, can I still hold or purchase cover with Flightcrew Risk Solutions?

Yes, if the level of cover required fits within the maximum limit that can be taken out. This policy can act as a ‘top up’ policy. The level of affordable cover can be calculated by visiting our ‘Get an instant quote’ page.

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BALPA Members receive a 10% discount on premium rates applied.


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BALPA Members receive a 10% discount on premium rates applied.